Belated Memorial Day Post

I’m a bit embarrassed that I forgot to blog about Memorial Day. No, let me say that I am ashamed. I took advantage of the day off from work to play some poker and didn’t bother paying homage to those unto whom I am so indebted that I could never possibly repay them.

Rather than rant at length about this nation’s haters — especially the domestic ones — I’ll simply refer you to my previous year’s post on this subject and repeat these lines from it:

A true soldier serves to honor himself in the service of his country, and respects his enemy for doing the same. And when he kills his enemy counterpart, he remembers to respect the enemy soldier for his bravery, courage, and willingness to sacrifice in a time when the willing are so few.

So this Memorial Day I call upon all Americans to take a few moments to remember our fallen who served with courage, distinction, and most importantly honor. May God forever bless you for your service. I shall always remember your sacrifice.

Missing Man Formation

This Missing Man Formation is an aerial salute in which four planes fly in formation. One plane breaks formation by going vertical, representing that not everyone made it home. It is a salute to those who fell.

The plane goes vertical, heading towards heaven, because to die in the service is to die with honor and in my book, that gets you an automatic ticket into heaven.

And when he goes to heaven
To St. Peter he will tell
Another Marine reporting, Sir
I’ve served my time in hell

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