Actors and Spongmonkeys — A Tribute to Elwon Bakly

I was speaking with my friend Elwon Bakly yesterday. Elwon, for those who don’t know, is one of the most talented actors the world has ever known! Well, he would be if the world knew of him.

This speaking with Elwon lead me to consider watching a movie he was in called The Basket. He plays a returning WWII vet who is one pissed mofo at the German Nazi basties who messed him up somethin’ fierce while he was trying to free Europe.

Anyway, so I logged in to my Netflix account to watch the trailer for it. That’s when I realized that I could watch the entire movie (well, the important parts anyway… the parts with Elwon in them) just from the trailer.

So to honor my friend Elwon, I decided to put together this Eltage… or Monwon? Er, I’ll just say Elwon montage. Thus, you can now enjoy the greatness of Elwon Bakly.

Elwon gets a Purple Heart

Angry Elwon

Attack of the Spongmonkeys

Just a Dream

So there you have it folks!

Now, Elwon normally plays comedic roles. However, The Basket is a drama, and Elwon has played the part of Jesus of Nazareth in the past. Nonetheless, if you want to waste your time watching the parts of the movie that don’t have Elwon, well, I guess I won’t hold it against you.

4 thoughts on “Actors and Spongmonkeys — A Tribute to Elwon Bakly

  1. Stu

    Oh don’t you worry, the list is a comin’!

    I have to confess I messed up on this post. I originally put that Elwon played a WWII vet who fought the Nazis. Sadly, I was wrong. He’s a WWI vet who fought the Germans in pre-Nazi days.

    Oh well. In the Stu-cut version, he’s a WWII vet dang it!

  2. Jake

    Let it be known that Elwon is a general veteran who fights anyone and everyone. It doesn’t matter what kind of veteran he is, or who he fights; all that matters is that he wins the hearts of all men, women, and children for whom he fights for.


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