Omaha Players Strike Again – Practice or Play?

I hit the Omaha tables again on PartyPoker. Omaha is a really great game to help you understand the game of poker better. In particular, it forces you to think and consider all possible hands that other players can make to beat you.

This is because at a full table, you have to calculate what cards you need to have “the nuts” (poker terminology for the best possible hand). If you don’t have the nuts, you can be pretty sure that someone else does.

And while Omaha is great for honing your Texas skills, it’s for this same reason that the Omaha tables are often “easy money”.

Take a look at the table below, which is a $5/$10 limit Omaha game.

If it’s hard to see what’s going on, basically players maxed out the betting and every single player (save for the one smart player, which happened to be me) called. And that’s preflop!

Now I’m no pro, but in my opinion there’s not a single hand that you could hold preflop in Omaha that warrants gambling the maximum bet. Something that amateur gamblers (and poker is gambling, don’t fool yourself into thinking it’s not) fail to realize is that gambling is all about probability.

With the entire table calling to see the flop, your odds of winning shrink to 10% at a full table, regardless of the hand you’re holding. Seriously now, what sane person is going to gamble on a 1 in 10 chance?

Now, this game wasn’t for real money. But for me, every poker game played online or at home is simply practice for the real thing… and I practice to win.

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