Why the World Needs Stu

The world loves StuIt started just short of a few years ago. Since that time, the world has come to love Stu (okay, maybe not EVERYbody). I never understood it. But then just a few days ago, it hit me.

The reason the world loves me is because they NEED me. Without me, the world would simply take itself far too seriously and lead itself into ruination. Total destruction. Absolute catastrophe. You know… the kind where cats and dogs start living together, lions and lambs get along, and we end up spending all of eternity picking fruit. And well, nobody wants that!

Too-serious people end up doing crazy stuff, like becoming cyberbullies (aka, butt heads).

So here’s a little advice from Stu himself:

Lighten up… Life’s too short to take seriously!

5 thoughts on “Why the World Needs Stu

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  2. Heather

    I love ya Stu, plus reading this helps me know more of what is going on with your wonderful wife.
    Also I am working the phones tonight and the Deaf aren’t calling -so thanks for keeping me entertained between calls.
    See you are NEEDED!

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