Fraud of the FSM Church

For those whom I converted during my mission on behalf of the FSM Church, I apologize. You may feel that I lied to you, but the truth is, I earnestly believed in the FSM Church at the time.

Church of the Fraudulent Spaghetti MonsterHowever, certain “scientific truths” have come to light that have resulted in my apostatizing from the church. I can no longer continue on like a blinded fool, obeying the false doctrines of the FSM Church.

My mission now is to reveal the fraud of the FSM Church that others might not be fooled!

Read my story on my Church of FSM page. Down with the FSM!

5 thoughts on “Fraud of the FSM Church

  1. Stu

    Yeah, although honestly, I’d be a little freaked out if I died and a flying spaghetti monster came to welcome me home. I really hope I’m not wrong on this one!

  2. Stu

    Dude, I’m being serious…

    Just kidding! Thanks for stopping by. Anytime you need to escape reality, feel free to stop by. I try to keep things light around here.

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