2 thoughts on “Poker Just Hasn’t Been as Good Since 1998

  1. Life With Buck

    Stu Unger has the coolest glasses I’ve ever seen, with the exception of Gary Oldman’s vampire shades in Dracula. I wonder if Stu wears them to be cool (which would be my motivation) or if he’s protecting his uber brain from too much light.

  2. Stu

    Unfortunately, the truth is actually a sad statement on how Stuey lived his life. He wore those glasses to hide his collapsed naval cavity, the result of extensive drug abuse.

    Story is he had surgery to repair the collapse, but kept doing the drugs, resulting in it collapsing again to the point that surgery could no longer help.

    I’m certain that, were it not for the drugs, he would have won at least a couple more WSOP main events. The guy’s tournament record was just incredible.

    It’s unfortunate that sharing his name doesn’t make me any better at poker :)


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