Sweeping the Mines… Just a Little Bit Faster

Longtime readers will remember my Minesweeper post wherein I posted an image of my Minesweeper records. As you may recall, it was a slow week.

Well, in case you haven’t noticed, there hasn’t exactly been a fury of posts recently. So, yep. It’s a slow week, which means another Minesweeper post.

After months of trying (man, I’m embarrassed to admit I STILL play this game), I beat my old record of clearing the expert board in 137 seconds with a score of 133 seconds.

Well, I held on to that time for what seemed like forever, but I finally beat that record with a time of 131 seconds. Then, a few days later, I beat that with a time of 122, just barely over the two minute mark. A couple days later I did it again, but this time slaughtering my old score with this great time (well, great for me):

Minesweeper records

 Even though these days I now regularly beat my old longtime record time of 133 seconds, I’m not expecting to break the 111 mark… EVER.

Which means, sadly (or happily… do I really want being a Minesweeper  geek to be my legacy?) I’ll never come close to beating the world record holder.

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