Stu Smart Enough for Mensa, but Still Dumber Than a 2 Year Old

Hey, don’t laugh! You think you’re smarter than a two-year old? Well, you better have an IQ greater than 152!

Two year old girl joins MENSAThis is not a joke people. A two year old girl has officially tested with an IQ of 152, and has recently become the youngest female ever to join MENSA, the high IQ society. She joins just 29 other MENSA members under the age of ten. MENSA membership is by invitation only, and requires that you score 130 or higher on an officially approved IQ test, thereby placing you as one of the top 2% “smartest” people in the world.

There are different types of IQ tests, so you must take a MENSA approved one in order to be considered for membership. When you hear people talking about their IQ being some outrageous number like 190 or 230, this is not from a MENSA test, and they are almost certainly lying… Stephen Hawking’s IQ is estimated to be about 160. What great mysteries have the 200 IQ claimers solved in their life? Why aren’t they out curing cancer or rewriting the laws of physics or something?

Why is Stephen Hawking’s IQ estimated? Because he’s never taken an IQ test before. When asked in an interview what his IQ was, Dr. Hawking responded, “I have no idea. People who boast about their IQ are losers.”

Which is exactly why I won’t boast about mine by posting it here:

Stu's IQ Test Score

“Stu, you said you weren’t going to boast, and yet here you are displaying your IQ test results high enough to join those snobby MENSA types!”

Uhh… did I mention that I’m dumber than a two-year old? I’m not boasting. That would make me a loser! Besides, I’m sure that everybody who reads my blog is smarter than me ;)

So the question now becomes, “Stu, if you’re so smart, why’d you fail half your high school classes and drop out of college?” My answer? Well, I worked the system to graduate high school (it was way easier than actually doing all that work!) As for college… umm. I’m too smart for college. Yeah, that’s it!

Want to find out if you’re smarter than a two-year old? Take the same test I did at It is the most accurate online IQ test. If you’ve taken that stupid Tickle IQ test, you’ll find that GIQ is much more accurate. Afterall, according to Tickle I’m a genius (which even I’m smart enough to contest!):

The GIQ test has been compared and corrected against hundreds of real-life proctored IQ tests, making it accurate to within 4%, meaning that if I were to take a real IQ test I could expect to score between 127 and 137 (probably more towards the lower end).The GIQ test is free to take, but costs $10 to get your results, so keep that in mind. Last thing you want to do is waste time taking the test then decide you don’t want to fork over the $10. Personally, I think if you’re willing to pay $10 to take an online IQ test, it automatically knocks 20 points off your IQ. That makes me even dumber than I thought!

It would be easy to cheat on the GIQ test because it is online and self monitored. But if you’re going to pay $10 for it, don’t you want to know your real IQ level?

Anyway, if anybody else is as dumb as me and wants to fork over the $10 to take the test, feel free to respond with your test results. I have a feeling I’m gonna get owned!

Oh, and if you score lower than me, don’t feel bad. A score of 100 is average, and you have to score below 70 to be considered “mildly” retarded. And honestly, if you score below 100, you’re in good company with some of history’s greatest warriors, heroes, and rulers. Have fun!

18 thoughts on “Stu Smart Enough for Mensa, but Still Dumber Than a 2 Year Old

  1. Stu

    Thank you Life With Buck for opening my eyes. I now understand why Stephen Hawking said that those who boast about their IQ’s are losers.

    In researching famous persons with low IQ’s, I stumbled across an old chat board wherein several high IQ (or so they claimed) people were completely contemptuous of those of a lower IQ. I mean, it was bad. I guess they got beat up too much in high school by the dumb jocks or something… who knows.

    One of them lamented at the fact that there is no apparent correlation between wealth and IQ. I wanted to tell him it was because wealth comes from working hard, not talking down to others.

    But like I said, it was old. My guess is the guy probably died of starvation some years ago after spending too much time looking at himself in the mirror, telling himself what an incredibly smart guy he was. Either that or his brain exploded because he pushed his IQ past the magical 200 mark.

    As for MENSA, when I called the local office to report my MENSA qualifying IQ score they asked me to pay a membership fee. When I responded with, “What do you take me for? An idiot?” they just nodded their heads. Which was incredible that I could tell they were doing so over the phone. Further evidence of my super-duper intelligence (or lack thereof)!

    So you see, Life With Buck, you are actually better off scoring lower, lest you instantly become one of them upon discovering your IQ is 150+

  2. Life With Buck

    I want to take the test but I’m really scared I’ll come out retarded. Could you name some of the great retarded warriors and rulers? It will make me feel better should that be my test score.

  3. Stu

    Crap, you called me out on it!

    Hmm… Did I say only warriors and rulers? ‘Cause I was gonna say Andy Warhol who had an estimated IQ of 86.

    OJ Simpson, warrior of the grid iron (and, uh, possible murderer) has an estimated IQ of 89.

    Now this is interesting. Navy pilot and U.S. President George Bush Sr. has an estimated IQ of 98 while his son and current President rates a 125. Ronald Reagan comes in at 105.

    General Ulysses S. Grant comes in at 110. Mmm… still above the 100 mark though. Let’s see…

    Chris Burke, down syndrome actor, almost certainly comes in below 70.

    How about Lewis “Chesty” Puller? He’s the only Marine to be awarded the Navy Cross 5 times. I have no idea what his IQ was, but if he was smarter, wouldn’t he have joined the Air Force? Oh, right, there was no Air Force in his day.

    Hmm.. Dwight Eisenhower comes in at 115.

    I’m sure there were some great caveman leaders back in the day.

  4. Stu the (not so) Wise

    Ed, thanks for the tip! I have to admit to being curious to know how I compare to the rest of the world, and someday I might take a real IQ test.

    I have to build up to it though. I took the Myers-Briggs test back in 1990. It was a 3-hour long test and I’m just now beginning to recover from that dreadful experience.

  5. Ed

    The actual numeric scores vary depending what IQ test you do, although the average is usually 100. The percentage is more important. Your 98.36% in the image above would be equivalent to somewhere in the high 140s (I think) on (for example) the IQ test British Mensa tend to use.

    4% is still a big error margin though. I’d be tempted to sit the Mensa test to get an accurate result if you’re interested in your IQ; whether you wanted to join or not it’s probably the least expensive accurate test available that I know of.

  6. Life With Buck

    Thanks for looking into that for me. I’m getting up the courage to take the test, but in the meanwhile I took the test for Densa and they accepted me with no waiting period. So that’s good. Right?

  7. Greg

    Hey, I came across this page searching for something else… however, I do know about high IQ societies, including Mensa. Mensa requires an IQ in the 98th percentile, so if they accepted the GIQTest, you would make the cut! For reference, my score on the GIQTest was 5 points lower than my score on the standard test I took.

    (Unfortunately, Ed was mistaken about the score equating to the high 140′s. It would actually be the same (132), since the GIQTest is at standard deviation of 15 and so is the Mensa-administered test.)

  8. Stu

    Hey Greg, thanks for the added information! I might take the MENSA test some day and try to join them, mostly because I lied to a bunch of my coworkers 3 years ago about being a card carrying member. They still harass me to this day to show them my card!

    Maybe I’ll just PhotoShop one up :)

  9. Stu

    Greg, I just had a thought. The only reason I can think of why you scored lower on the GIQTest is because, in part at least, of the math section not allowing you to show your true intelligence in that arena. I was a bit taken aback at how simple the math section was, and I can say with fair certainty that my score would be lower on a real IQ test because my math skills are, how you say, not sweet.

    Being that you are a math genius, I can see the GIQTest holding you back with it’s much simplified math portion.

  10. Stu

    Thanks for the input INTP and Dr. Richard!

    As someone who writes for a living, I often judge intelligence based on how well a person’s grammar is. But don’t worry, I give props to those with doctorates as well ;)

    Speaking of math and really tall people, I used to work with a guy that was 6′ 8″ (or so he said. Being that he was way taller than me, I didn’t dare question him, lest he beat me up). I don’t work with him anymore because he recently got accepted to medical school. Unfortunately, I am only 6′ even. I’m not nearly tall enough to get into med school… which is probably good. As someone who went through most of Marine Corps boot camp, being formally trained in how to kill people probably wouldn’t help.

    As a man, however, I admit to lying about my income (I round it off to the nearest thousand dollars), penis size (I just don’t talk about it), and height (my official height as recorded by the military is 71.75 inches, but today I’m actually closer to 6′ 1″, and as you saw I lied about being 6′ even earlier).

    So this begs the obvious question: Am I lying about being a liar, or am I telling the truth about the lies I tell? Hmm…

    On a more serious note though, I would generally agree with you regarding intelligence and occupation. Smarter people tend to have a higher rate of high school graduation, college attendance, and college graduation. These all lead to, on average, higher paying jobs — or at least jobs which traditionally have been occupied by more educated persons. Had I not dropped out of college, I expect I’d be making at least 50% more than I do now (albeit I would be doing something I don’t really like that much and is a lot more stressful than what I do now, which is make fun of the world on my blog).

  11. INTP

    I’m sure you’re aware that IQs are based on age. An average 2 year old would have an IQ of 100 for example.

    Whilst the aforementioned two year old is indeed smart for her age, her IQ is not directly comparable with the IQ of someone older.

  12. Dr. Richard

    As a Psychologist, its part of my job, not only to test intelligence, but to have some understanding of what it is.Its really, a kind of Sensitivity to Order and Pattern. Several studies have proved that men, especially, lie about their IQ, penis size, income, and even their height. Woman,lie often about their weight, and admit it. Just under 70% of the population score between 90 and 109 on standard intelligence tests. I see this happening all the time, and people who come in bragging about their whopping IQ’s, fail to show it on the tests. The best tests are not the pencil and paper type, but the kind we Psychologists administer one on one. I have yet to test more than one person, after 30 years of doing so, that scored above 150. Statisticaly, an IQ of 140 is about like the number of men who are 6’8″ in height, you do the math. The best way to check up on a claim is to measure it…height, weight, IQ, whatever…what people say, often means almost nothing in the way of truth. Fact is, Intelligence is very obvious. You can talk to someone for a few minutes, and know about where they are in the population. The biggest single indicator is your occupation….even if you dont agree, it happens to be true. Happy Testing!…Dr.Richard.

  13. Stu

    I just wanted to add a correction here. I previously stated that George Bush Sr’s estimated IQ was 98. The fact that I believed that for even a second shows my own lack of IQ.

    Bush Sr. graduated from Yale in just two and a half years. He was president of the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity and graduated a member of Phi Beta Kappa, the most prestigious academic honor society in America.

    IQ of 98? No freakin’ way.

  14. Robin

    Hi Stu,

    I took the GIQ test a few weeks ago. Here’s my score:

    *Name: Robin D. Weber
    Your Full Scale Score:* 135
    *Score Level Descriptive Category:* Very Superior
    Congratulations on completing the GIQTest.

    I didn’t cheat (what would that prove??). Btw I took the Mensa test a few years ago and didn’t pass. They sent me a letter asking me to come back and take their culturally fair test (I assume for those who never took algebra). I do have a non-verbal learning disability so perhaps the difference lies in the fact that during the GIQ test I was alone and could talk my way through the questions.


  15. Stu

    Robin, that is interesting! What score did you get on the Mensa test? “Passing” is 130 or better. A six-point difference does put you in the margin of error. Although… like I said earlier, the math portion of the GIQ Test seemed far too easy to me.

    I’m really curious to know how I’d do on an actual Mensa test, but not enough to actually pay and take the time to do it because I’m about 97% sure I would “fail” it. If I had to guess, I’d put myself in the low to mid 120′s. I’d hate to take the test and find out I’m far below that :D


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