Religion NOT to Blame for World’s Problems

“Religious” violence, hatred and bigotry, and everything else that’s wrong in the world. Personally, I blame it on the natural stupidity of man. Animals express violence on occasion. Are they fighting over whose god is better? Do dogs chase cats, barking at them, “Dog god is true, cat god is false! Die cat, die!”

Do you honestly think our pal Osama would stop preaching death and violence if the entire world converted to Islam? Well, considering they can’t even decide which version of Islam is correct, I really doubt it. But what if we all joined Osama’s Islam?

My dad used to say, “If you get rid of guns, people will just find something else to kill with.” Cain didn’t have a gun, but he sure didn’t let it stop him.

Get rid of religion, and people will just find another reason to kill. It’s called power, lust, jealousy — remember Helen of Troy? The Spartans didn’t have guns either.

And here’s my reason (since I don’t give a flying crap what god(s) you pray to): My neighbor’s dog keeps crapping on my lawn. His dog is going to either stop crapping on my lawn, or it’s going to die.

My anger and desire to commit violence has nothing to do with the god my neighbor (or his dog) worships. I have a completely different reason for wanting to kill. So you see, the stupidity of my neighbor causes violence. Or am I stupid for wanting to kill over a little dog crap on my lawn?

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Now THAT’S worth fighting over! Get ready for some scientific violence boy and girls!

7 thoughts on “Religion NOT to Blame for World’s Problems

  1. Stu

    Wow, now your ability to make lemonade is impressive indeed! Personally, I wanted to put up a fence until I found out what it was going to cost. Yikes!

    Regarding the chicken and the egg, in my faith it is taught that their is no conflict between (our) religion and science. Most modern and educated Mormons believe that God created the chicken through the use of evolution. Well, at least most Mormons I talk to. But thank you for noticing the irony behind the question.

    Thanks for the thoughts!

  2. astudent

    Now that is funny. That you chose the chicken and the egg question. The answer depends on whether you believe in God or not (religion). If you believe the Bible then the chicken came first because God made it and if you believe in evolution the egg came first because what laid the egg was not a chicken. Is it still worth fighting for? Yes, I know you were kidding and I agree with you when you say men will find a way. My neighbor’s dog also craps on my lawn. I see the neighbor lead it onto my lawn and watch the act. At first it made me mad, but it has stopped the ball games. Seems like the kids don’t like sliding around in it. So I don’t say anything.

  3. Stu

    Thank you again for your contribution and perspective on a differing viewpoint. But I will have to respectively disagree with you at this time.

    Just as faith cannot be proven, neither can a scientific theory, which is why it remains a theory. However, scientists have recently observed Galapagos finches that evolved over a short period of time — just two decades — to change the shape of their beaks, allowing them to better compete for food sources against a newly introduced finch as well as drought conditions that occurred making food more scarce.

    Evidence like that is hard for me to ignore… then again, I’m hardly a scientist. But whether evolution is true or not doesn’t affect my faith or religious beliefs in the slightest. So it matters to me only as something that’s interesting to study and theorize about.

  4. astudent

    There is no conflict between my faith and science either. Truth is truth. The problem is there is no truth in evolution and it is obvious when the subject is examined with only scientific principles. Evolution is only theories based on theories: presented as facts. It seems as though too many people make a living convincing others that their views are correct. They would have to find a real job if they were to admit they might be wrong.

  5. astudent

    If it is really an interesting study, then have a look at the other side of evolution. It interests me also. Try it is worth a look. What Dr. Brown says about DNA will amaze you. It really is not a study if one only reads what the “Scientifically Correct” write.


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