The “Bandit” Strikes

I play online poker every once in a while. Mostly just to keep my skill in playing against stupid people, since online poker is packed with ‘em (stupid people that is).

One thing I can always count on is that the stupidest people are playing in the Omaha rooms. Whenever I have a bad string of luck, I just pop into an Omaha room for awhile until I’ve won enough to make me feel better. Never fails!

As it turns out, last time I went online for some poker, I went straight into an Omaha room because I was down a couple hundred.

So I picked a room which, unfortunately, had two or three other players that actually knew what they were doing. Well, most of the time at least.

After a bit, I manage to win back my losses, and then some. I’m thinking to myself, “Okay, I’m back on top, time to quit now.”

Winning or losing, a good gambler knows when it’s time to quit. Well, I talked myself into waiting until I won another hand. That’s when it happened… SHAZAM! Like a brick to the head…

If you’re having a hard time seeing what’s going on there, click the image to see a bigger picture.

And here’s the best part. In the image above, the pot is around $300. I managed to get three other fools to push the pot up to over $900

Not one, not two, but THREE fools just kept on calling my raises until the betting was maxed out.

A little pointer for the poker-o’-philes out there. If you’re ever down on your chips, hit the Omaha tables… unless you’re one of the idiots. Otherwise You’ll just end up giving your money to smart people like me.

4 thoughts on “The “Bandit” Strikes

  1. Captain Kid

    I would be more impressed if 1) you were playing with real money, and 2)it was 2 cards higher making it the coveted royal flush.

  2. Ryan

    If you got the pot up to $900 where the screen shot of that? Huh? Huh? I think you doctored the image AND your story. So there!

  3. StuTheWise

    Yeah, well your MOM would be impressed if it were a royal flush!

    And you think I doctored the picture? Well, here’s what I think… YOU CAN SHOVE IT UP YOUR NOSTRILS!


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