Your DNA Is Not Like My DNA

So you’ve probably heard it touted around by the scientific community that a chimp’s DNA is 99% similar to human DNA, and that there is only 0.1% difference in DNA between any two humans, meaning to say that you and I – or anybody else – are 99.9% similar.

Well, scientist have just discovered some new variances in DNA that put those numbers into question. According the new research, us humans are actually up to a whopping 1% different from each other, while chimp similarity gets pushed back to 95 percent.

And you know, I always felt that there was something more than a 0.1% difference between myself and my coworkers. Take a look at this recent office photo:

Chimp versus Human DNAThat’s me in the middle. Be serious now. The guy on the left is just plain ugly. I mean… there’s no way he’s 99.9% similar to me!

The guy on the right is Canadian. He’s a good guy, but you don’t want to make him angry. He has a weird tendency to fling poo when he’s angry.

5 thoughts on “Your DNA Is Not Like My DNA

  1. Chris

    That Chris guy really looks great. Dressing up so nice for a picture knowing that it would result in big news in the DNA world….impressive. What a stud!

    That other guy really is quite “different”.


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