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How I Went From “Nice, Tolerant Atheist” to “Anti-Theist”

In case you haven’t had your fill of a really long rant this week…

I wasn’t an “anti-theist” when I first became atheist. In fact, I even recorded a video meant for my YouTube channel on why we shouldn’t make fun of religion and why we should be understanding and tolerant of others’ beliefs. But then I saw a Gallup poll that showed 42% of Americans are young-Earth creationists who reject most scientific knowledge.

I was in total shock. I thought for sure the poll was flawed. I was incredulous that so many people were Bible literalists. I had no idea! I had my first online conversation with an admitted creationist around 1997 (when I was a hardcore Mormon and was using the internet as a way to do “missionary work”) and it just blew my mind that he rejected evolution. No matter how much evidence I gave him, no matter how many instances of actual observed evolution taking place I showed him, he would just come back with Continue reading