Monthly Archives: November 2013

My Awesome Mother

A good friend recently proclaimed the awesomeness of his mother publicly on Facebook. As I read about his gratitude, it made me desire to do the same for my own mother.

My mother was born and raised in the Philippines. After marrying my American dad, she came here to America. In so doing, she left nearly everything that she knew. Not just her culture, but her family and pretty much every person she knew. Well, not her entire family. She had us.

Other than us, Mom had pretty much no one here in America. To further complicate her life, she was Continue reading

Most Philosophy is Bad Philosophy

I was listening to the philosopher Stefan Molyneux one day when he said, “Most philosophy that you hear is like people staring at helium balloons and saying, ‘Well, I guess everything falls up!’”

Once you’ve reached any level of enlightenment, you quickly realize how true that is. Just try browsing Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or any of a litany of social networks available today and you’ll quickly see an absolute s#!tload of bad philosophy getting posted and reposted over and over again.

I’ll provide just this one example. Hopefully it will help you open your mind and look deeper than the surface of these overly-simplistic views of the world.

Love Yourself First
Take a good hard look at the image on the left. Okay… not that hard.

It’s true that you cannot love others if you don’t love yourself. But it’s also true that Continue reading