Monthly Archives: May 2009

Another Edition of Cell Phone Pictures

It’s been awhile since I posted cell phone pictures. I’ve gotten a few good ones since that time, so here they are.

To start things off, what would you expect if you ordered a chicken nugget kid’s meal from Burger King? Probably not what I got when I did the same:

Chicken Nuggets Kids' Meal

Not enough for me to stop loving the Burger King. After all, it’s not his fault minimum wage doesn’t buy good help. Speaking of which, minimum wage quality employees probably explain this next one, taken in the K-Mart toys section: Continue reading

To Die in the Service is to Die With Honor

There are still a few of us that believe that to die in the service of your country is to die with honor. We believe that because when a person has enough honor within themselves that they voluntarily choose to serve their country, they are serving much more than just their country… they are serving the people — every man, woman, and child — of their country.

For those who died, I can only hope that I’ll some day make it to heaven myself so I can thank you proper.


J.J. Abrams and Star Trek… the Love and Hate of It

Longtime readers may recall my post about the new Star Trek movie from March of last year. Well, it only took a year, but I finally got to see which of my suggestions my good buddy J.J. took. Here is a quick review:

Kirk Defeats the Kobayashi Maru Scenario — We finally got to see Kirk do this. Very cool. Thumbs up Mr. Abrams!

Christopher Pike Does The Cage — No mention of Continue reading