Monthly Archives: March 2009

Need to Sell More Ad Space? Take a Lesson from Wisconsin Metro Transit

It’s a well-known fact that groups who hate each other like to talk about how much they think the other is wrong. Marketers make big bucks as a result. Just look at all the ad space that is sold during presidential election season as opponents enter a race to outspend the other.

But the strategy of setting rivals against each other works with more than just politicians, as Wisconsin Metro Transit has discovered when they pitted Pilgrims Covenant Church against the Continue reading

What to Do for Easter When You Hate the Holidays Like Me

It’s no secret. I’m not a big fan of most holidays. Veterans of my blog have seen my rants on Christmas, Halloween, and the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day. Easter is no exception.

Donnie Darko Easter BunnyHowever, I have the fortune of having a wife and the children who love the holidays. And, remembering back to my own childhood, the joy of the Easter egg hunt with my siblings is one of my fondest memories. A crotchety old holiday hater I may be, but for the Continue reading