Monthly Archives: February 2009

The Secret to Living Long and Prospering

Ever since I first started watching Star Trek back in the early 1980′s, I’ve wanted to follow Spock‘s advice to “live long and prosper.”

Live Long and ProsperI’ve read up on some scientific research (though, this can hardly be trusted) for how to accomplish such a task. I’ve also studied the long lived. Here are my findings: Continue reading

I Used to Think the People on “Jay Walking” Were Fake

You know what I’m talking about. The Tonight Show skit where Jay Leno walks the streets asking people simple questions to showcase the stupidity of seemingly regular folks?

There’s no way anybody anywhere can be that stupid, right? I mean, either these people are faking stupidity just so they can have their 15 seconds of fame (because obviously Jay isn’t going to show anyone getting the answers right) or they are simply having a brain fart… question after question after question.

Now imagine that you Continue reading

The Abhorrent Chain Letter Is Now On FaceBook

If you’re on FaceBook, then you’ve probably seen it. The dreaded 25 Things About Me blah blah… is making the rounds. The worst thing about it is that it requires you to tag 25 others. And you know what happens when you don’t do what a chain letter says… a piano falls on your head or you die in a fiery plane crash or a dog eats your brains or Kahn implants a mind-controlling eel through your ear.

Wait a minute. WHAT?! There’s no threat of death on this one? What is this world Continue reading

You Have to Burn the Rope Walkthrough

A few years ago, I learned of this game titled You Have to Burn the Rope. If you haven’t played this incredibly difficult game yet, go try it out.

During the last few years there were many times that I thought the game impossible to beat. On many occasion I nearly gave up hope. Then, one night, I had a vision for how to Continue reading