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Stu the Wise More Trusted Than Phillip Morris… Barely

No, that’s not my arm. I have 7 screws!So in case you haven’t noticed that box at the top-right of my blog, I’ve been Twittering as of late. I’m still not sure what good it is, but every once in awhile I’m able to grab a nugget of gold from those I follow.

Yeah, I’m talking about the freezing temperatures causing my humerus to contract at a different rate than the hunk of titanium screwed to it, and everybody I follow is actually talking about useful stuff.

Well, one of those people is Jeremy Hanks, co-founder of my previous employer. He pointed me to this study that shows that people trust me just slightly more than the cigarette companies who lied about tobacco’s addictive nature, or the now defunct Cyrix who lied about the awesomeness of their failed processor line. Which brings up an interesting point… Cyrix lied (or, if you prefer, were “misleading”) about the performance of their processor and they quickly went out of business. Too bad they weren’t highly addictive!

Anyway, if you’re not in the mood to click the above link and read the article, here’s a graph showing the most trusted internet resources with yours truly right-near bottom.

You really should trust me more!
So where did I go wrong? Hard to say. Maybe they interviewed a lot of Keanu Reeves fans, rednecks, dunce cap wearers, pastors, blondes, Elwon Bakly, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Code Pink members, FSM Church members, Scientologists, scientists, all-powerful beings, Jewish pirates, pollsters, Miss Teen South Carolina, monkeys in a sphere, chain letter forwarders, Luke Johnson fans, geeks, Pluto supporters, Islamic terrorists, journalists, and maybe even Santa Claus.