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For those of you with an account, you have no doubt noticed that you are unable to access the site. Unfortunately, pressure from American dope hats (aka politicians, aka people who like to stick their noses in places where it doesn’t belong) to get President Putin to crack down on media piracy has been successful.

As leverage, the U.S. politicos blocked Russia’s bid for entry into the WTO, the only country that has failed to approve entry.

Putin wants in pretty badly, and who can blame him? An organization that draws up the rules for world trade… who wouldn’t want to be a member? He wanted in so badly, that he went ahead and cracked down on, shutting them down.

The good news? has simply changed their name and reopened their doors for non-DRM music downloads. Check out Beautiful, isn’t it?

Down with DRM!


We Just Bought a House!

Yep, you heard right. After more than a year of looking, we finally found a house that both suits our needs (and a few of our wants), is in our price range, and isn’t a complete dump!

Here’s a picture from the listing:

Not too shabby, eh? Like I said, it’s pretty much the only house we’ve looked at that either wasn’t super old and had the musty smell to go with, was a complete junker, or was falling apart that we’ve looked at in our price range.

True story: One house we looked at smelled HORRIBLE! Turned out the carpet was full of animal urine. The back yard had a dog and the dog crap everywhere to go with it. And we opened a closet and it was piled high with empty beer cans. Nasty!

With this house, the cabinets are fairly new, the carpet is spotless, the walls are clean, and you could tell the place was just very well taken care of. We did not want to let this one out of our site!

I took a long lunch break today to fill out the paper work for the offer. At about 21:23 tonight, our real estate agent called us to tell us the sellers accepted! We did a happy dance, called a few friends and family, then I wrote this blog.

It’s a 3 bedroom, 1½ bath, and is about 1,200 square feet. Future plans are to close off the garage and turn it into a master bedroom and extend a car port out in front of that (or to the side).

Good times! I’ll post more pictures when we move in the first week of August.

Happy Independence Day

This is a day we celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. It is commonly considered the day the United States was born.

The truth is, a bunch of congressmen signing a slip of paper had very little to do with our gaining independence from King George and the British Empire. Our independence was won thanks to the efforts of soldiers on the ground who fought and suffered, many giving the ultimate sacrifice in order that future generations – that’s us people! – could live a free life.

The Revolutionary War started out a losing battle. George Washington’s first battles were disasters, and the Continental Congress was on the verge of replacing him. That’s when Washington chose to sacrifice everything, making his famous Delaware River crossing to launch a surprise attack on the Hessians (German soldiers leased by the British) on Christmas Day.

Few Americans realize that it was Hessians that were fought and defeated that day. This battle is considered by many to be the turning point in the war.

It wasn’t until the Continental Army won several more battles, making it appear as if we might actually have a chance of winning the war, that France decided to help us out.

France had a clear interest in helping America win independence. Great Britain and France were enemies. America was part of Britain. If France could separate us from British rule, their enemy would be that much weaker. Certainly, without France’s help, we would have lost the war and we’d all be speaking English today… er, British?

It is also not very well known that Washington, a former officer of the British Army and veteran of the French and Indian war, was rather disgruntled with his treatment in the British Army. It has been said that had Britain only promoted him to Colonel and given him proper respect, Washington would have been fighting on the British side.

Benedict Arnold, one of this nation’s finest and bravest military officers, felt he was treated just as badly by America as Washington felt he had been treated by Britain. It was a major contributing factor to his turning Redcoat (the other major factor being that his wife was a British loyalist).

Just before his death, General Arnold asked his wife to help him put on his Continental Army uniform, and is quoted as saying, “May God forgive me for wearing any other!”

Indeed, may God forgive any soul foolhardy enough to turn their back on a country as fine as this!

Without Arnold’s contributions prior to his traitorship, the American Revolution may have quite possibly failed. Arnold fought in and won battles that others would have fled from, and even once disobeyed a direct order to retreat, winning the battle he was ordered to retreat from.

But Independence Day isn’t just about the Revolutionary War. It took on a whole new meaning to a new generation at the end of the Civil War, which saw the end of slavery in America.

Today, I celebrate the independence of America – grateful for the right to do what I want, when I want – and hope and pray for the oppressed in all parts of the world to someday win freedom themselves.

As Martin Luther King Jr. said, “An injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere!”

Wave your American flag with pride, and be sure to give props to those who serve so willingly, particularly during a time when the willing are so few!

News from eBay Live! in Boston

Okay, so I’ve been back for a bit now and have been meaning to report on my trip to eBay Live! in Boston. Well, here it is late, but better than never.

Click on the pictures to see a larger, higher quality image:

My former employer, Doba, paid for my plane ticket to Boston. Here’s their exhibition booth in action.

And here it is, after the show, being torn down.

Here is a view of the Long Wharf Harbor from my hotel room.

This is the same harbor where the infamous Boston Tea Party occurred.

eBayers are crazy, as shown by this hoard mobbing an eBay employee in order to receive… what? A pound of gold? A barrel of silver? Try a tiny little pin. Hey, eBayers LOVE their pins!

Here’s a shot of the historic Faneuil Hall Market Place. Just up the way a bit is Faneuil Hall’s most famous tourist attraction, the Cheers bar.

My former manager at Doba, a corporate blogging expert, presented a class on how to increase your eBay business with blogging. The class was very well attended, and my old boss was mobbed afterwards

Quite a surprise to me was the fact that he used my blog, alongside his, as an example of personal blogs. Hmm… I smell a law suit! ;)

Doba CEO, Jeremy Hanks, was kind enough to take several of us to the Kingfish Hall Restaurant, winner of many restaurant awards. Let me tell you, seafood is about 100 times better tasting in Boston than anywhere in Utah!

That’s all for now. I’ll post more pictures later in the week.