Monthly Archives: August 2006

Playing With Dangerous Rockets

My son’s model rocket got destroyed after he stepped on it. Since I had modified it from its original design, it broke right in half quite easily.

Here’s what the rocket is supposed to look like:

And what it looked like after getting stepped on:

It had taken 5 successful flights and was still going strong… until *stomp-squish*

No worries though. I have an excellent idea on how to fix it. To begin with, I’ll go ahead and leave it short. Being shorter, it will remove a little weight from it, resulting in higher flights.

Higher flights? Oh yes! The rocket was originally designed to take a maximum of a “C” engine. That got it up to about 800 feet. When I’m done with it, it will take an “E” engine, which is roughly 4x more powerful.

The “E” engine I’ve purchased has about 2.5x the thrust of the old “C” engines I was using, and has a burn time that is 53% longer. Does this mean it will fly 4x higher? One thing is for sure, we will find out on Saturday… assuming it doesn’t explode on the launch pad!

I just hope I don’t get arrested by the FAA.

Gone Phishin’ Part 2

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am the phish that puts a boot on your hook. Well, this phish has been at it again!

I know this is pretty much old news and nothing new, but what the heck. It’s not like I have anything important to talk about, right? So here we go:

The image below contains vulgar language. Though I’ve blurred out the vulgar stuff, you can click the image to see the full-sized, unedited version. Please do not do so with children or the faint of heart present!

Have a good day!

First Day of School

Being that it was the first day of school, I was late coming in to work. I dropped my kids off at their school, whereupon my wife walked my nervous son to his classroom.

Upon her return, we headed off for my place of employ. There is an elementary school just a couple blocks up the road from where I work. As I passed the school, on this beautiful first day thereof, I saw this:

Note the “children crossing” sign right behind the Jeep. Must have been a pretty crazy loss of control, because on the other side of the road was an uprooted fire hydrant:

What a way to start the school year! Thankfully no little kids got run down.

Playing With Rockets

Wednesday, on my last day of vacation, my family and I took some model rockets we had built and had fun launching them into space… well, almost into space. Ok, not even close. But it was still fun!

Here are a bunch of pictures:

getting ready for first launch

counting down


and lift off!

recovery can be a pain at times

pack the chute badly, and you get a destroyed rocket

We still have two more rockets that we didn’t complete in time for this wonderous event. They are some sweet 2-stage rockets that fly as high as 1200 feet! I’ll post more pictures if I ever actually get those ones done.

Fires Can Suck at Times

So, not only does the sun directly kill and mame, but it also causes this dry hot weather which results in unwanted FIRES!

Such fires can ultimately result in timely delays on your way home from someplace far away, as happened with me and my family over the weekend.

Those two young men in the center of the picture busted out a football and played a little pass.

Traffic got backed up several miles. People at the front of the line said they had been waiting for two hours! The guy in the red Impala is a U.S. Marine. HOORAH!

We caught this fireplane flying around. We also got to see a helicopter dumping water.

Eventually, they redirected us onto I-70 where we had to travel about 50 miles to Salina (just outside Richfield) and take a roundabout way to Nephi. We got to see the originating point of the fire in so doing. Thus a 3 hour trip turned into 5 hours. NOT HAPPY! But hey, at least I got to see Richfield and about a dozen other tiny towns I had never heard of, like freakin’ Elsinore, population: 2 chipmunks and three rabbits.