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My Country, Right or Wrong

Many Americans have died enforcing American interests they didn’t support. That includes some who fought in the Revolution. It kinda sucks, it really does. But here is my take on it.

My mother has a saying: “I was born a Catholic, so I’m going to die a Catholic.” She doesn’t even believe in Catholicism’s basic doctrines. But it’s a matter of pride that keeps her from leaving the church and joining another. Foolish? Perhaps.

I was born an American, and I’m going to die an American. My country, may she always be right. But my country, right or wrong, she is still my country. Continue reading

To Die in the Service is to Die With Honor

There are still a few of us that believe that to die in the service of your country is to die with honor. We believe that because when a person has enough honor within themselves that they voluntarily choose to serve their country, they are serving much more than just their country… they are serving the people — every man, woman, and child — of their country.

For those who died, I can only hope that I’ll some day make it to heaven myself so I can thank you proper.


What to Do for Easter When You Hate the Holidays Like Me

It’s no secret. I’m not a big fan of most holidays. Veterans of my blog have seen my rants on Christmas, Halloween, and the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day. Easter is no exception.

Donnie Darko Easter BunnyHowever, I have the fortune of having a wife and the children who love the holidays. And, remembering back to my own childhood, the joy of the Easter egg hunt with my siblings is one of my fondest memories. A crotchety old holiday hater I may be, but for the Continue reading

Will We Ever Be “Free At Last”?

In August of 1963, one of America’s finest men spoke to a crowd of nearly a quarter million people in the shadow of another great American, Abraham Lincoln.

Lincoln, during debates for his first presidential campaign, fielded many questions regarding Blacks and the issue of slavery. Lincoln’s opponent held a common belief among White Americans that the Black race was inherently inferior.

During one debate Lincoln’s response was Continue reading

A Cat’s Christmas

You may recall that we picked up a couple cats from the local Humane Society back in March. Well, this was out first Christmas with these guys.

Turns out that our siamese, Snake, wasn’t too keen on the human holiday. But Dax, our tortoise shell (and extra-toed mutant), enjoyed her gift of catnip on the fingers and Air Hog RC helicopter.

Sorry about the crappy quality. The camera is just an el-cheapo.

Without These Brave Souls, We Wouldn’t Be Here

Honoring U.S. Military VeteransIt’s Veteran’s Day people. There are some Americans out there who would spit on the graves of every Soldier, Marine, and Sailor who died during the American Revolution. Don’t you dare come around my place. Not today.

Because this day and days like it, my tolerance is extremely low for your kind. Every other day, I’ll let you have the freedom that all those Soldiers, Marines, Sailors (including Coast Guardsmen), and Airmen died for to ensure your right to hate them.

And even though it’s my right to hate your guts for it, I won’t… except for today. Also this day. And this one.

But today, let us remember those who have “returned to headquarters” and honor those who still remain on “active duty.”

Trust me, you don’t want these battle-hardened men to come around and kick your butt for dishonoring their buddies.

Taking Advantage of My Freedom to Be Crazy

This July 4th, I remember all the normal things you are supposed to remember. Like the fact that New York held out for 5 days before signing the Declaration of Independence, that South Carolina refused to provide soldiers to General Lincoln to defend their very own Charleston from the British, that it took those geniuses in Congress 165 years to finally make the nation’s birthday a legal holiday (guess they just wanted another paid day off), that it took nearly 90 years to open freedom to every American… uh, oh yeah, and the sacrifices of our forefathers that make it possible for me to pursue happiness.

To show my gratitude, I’m going to repost my response to my friend’s 4th of July special Four for Friday meme here on my own blog. Please enjoy!

Q1 – Holiday Travel: Retail gas prices rose overnight to a record high for the fourth day in a row, ahead of the July 4 holiday weekend — one of the nation’s busiest weekends for travel. Have you changed your July Fourth plans because of rising gas prices?

My plans were to drive to the local Burger King and get me a Whopper combo. But now, I’m not so sure I can afford the gas to do so :(

Q2 – Neighbors: On the afternoon of November 14, 2007, 61-year-old Joe Horn shot and killed two men burglarizing his Vietnamese-American neighbor’s home in Pasadena, Texas. Despite how you feel about Horn’s actions, would you choose to defend your neighbor’s home in the same way?

Well, if I were in Texas (where it’s legal to lethally defend property) and assuming I didn’t hate my neighbor (in which case I’d probably join in on the burglarizing), yes I would. In Utah, the laws make it much more difficult to defend yourself (much less your property or your neighbor’s property), so there’s no way I would. Hey, Texas being Texas, I figure if you try to rob a man’s house you better be expecting to get shot.

Q3 – Gobble Up: Now that the European Large Hadron Collider is completed and ready to fire up in August, a slew of articles have popped up on the Internet and in newspapers around the world quoting doomsayers. An AP article from last weekend was the most recent example of critics warning that the 17-mile, $5.8 billion supercollider–which will slam protons together in an attempt to learn more about the building blocks of the universe–will inadvertently create a black hole that will gobble up planet Earth. Are you worried?

A black hole? I’ve always wanted to see one of those things close up! Actually, I’m more distressed over Schrodinger’s cat. Where’s the Humane Society when you need them?! I’m pretty sure it’ll take more than a couple of protons colliding to create a black hole. And if it does… man, what a way to go!!!

Q4 – You Choose: We all know that there only 12 months in a year. But what if I gave you the ability to add a 13th month to the calendar! What would you call this 13th month and where in the calendar would you place it?

I would call the month “Stusmember” and make it the first month of the year. It would be the AWESOMEST month EVER… every year!

So there you have it folks! I edited the questions for space. To see the full, unedited version, visit Mikal’s BeliBlog and answer the Four for Friday yourself.

Belated Memorial Day Post

I’m a bit embarrassed that I forgot to blog about Memorial Day. No, let me say that I am ashamed. I took advantage of the day off from work to play some poker and didn’t bother paying homage to those unto whom I am so indebted that I could never possibly repay them.

Rather than rant at length about this nation’s haters — especially the domestic ones — I’ll simply refer you to my previous year’s post on this subject and repeat these lines from it:

A true soldier serves to honor himself in the service of his country, and respects his enemy for doing the same. And when he kills his enemy counterpart, he remembers to respect the enemy soldier for his bravery, courage, and willingness to sacrifice in a time when the willing are so few.

So this Memorial Day I call upon all Americans to take a few moments to remember our fallen who served with courage, distinction, and most importantly honor. May God forever bless you for your service. I shall always remember your sacrifice.

Missing Man Formation

This Missing Man Formation is an aerial salute in which four planes fly in formation. One plane breaks formation by going vertical, representing that not everyone made it home. It is a salute to those who fell.

The plane goes vertical, heading towards heaven, because to die in the service is to die with honor and in my book, that gets you an automatic ticket into heaven.

And when he goes to heaven
To St. Peter he will tell
Another Marine reporting, Sir
I’ve served my time in hell

Happy Independence Day

This is a day we celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. It is commonly considered the day the United States was born.

The truth is, a bunch of congressmen signing a slip of paper had very little to do with our gaining independence from King George and the British Empire. Our independence was won thanks to the efforts of soldiers on the ground who fought and suffered, many giving the ultimate sacrifice in order that future generations – that’s us people! – could live a free life.

The Revolutionary War started out a losing battle. George Washington’s first battles were disasters, and the Continental Congress was on the verge of replacing him. That’s when Washington chose to sacrifice everything, making his famous Delaware River crossing to launch a surprise attack on the Hessians (German soldiers leased by the British) on Christmas Day.

Few Americans realize that it was Hessians that were fought and defeated that day. This battle is considered by many to be the turning point in the war.

It wasn’t until the Continental Army won several more battles, making it appear as if we might actually have a chance of winning the war, that France decided to help us out.

France had a clear interest in helping America win independence. Great Britain and France were enemies. America was part of Britain. If France could separate us from British rule, their enemy would be that much weaker. Certainly, without France’s help, we would have lost the war and we’d all be speaking English today… er, British?

It is also not very well known that Washington, a former officer of the British Army and veteran of the French and Indian war, was rather disgruntled with his treatment in the British Army. It has been said that had Britain only promoted him to Colonel and given him proper respect, Washington would have been fighting on the British side.

Benedict Arnold, one of this nation’s finest and bravest military officers, felt he was treated just as badly by America as Washington felt he had been treated by Britain. It was a major contributing factor to his turning Redcoat (the other major factor being that his wife was a British loyalist).

Just before his death, General Arnold asked his wife to help him put on his Continental Army uniform, and is quoted as saying, “May God forgive me for wearing any other!”

Indeed, may God forgive any soul foolhardy enough to turn their back on a country as fine as this!

Without Arnold’s contributions prior to his traitorship, the American Revolution may have quite possibly failed. Arnold fought in and won battles that others would have fled from, and even once disobeyed a direct order to retreat, winning the battle he was ordered to retreat from.

But Independence Day isn’t just about the Revolutionary War. It took on a whole new meaning to a new generation at the end of the Civil War, which saw the end of slavery in America.

Today, I celebrate the independence of America – grateful for the right to do what I want, when I want – and hope and pray for the oppressed in all parts of the world to someday win freedom themselves.

As Martin Luther King Jr. said, “An injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere!”

Wave your American flag with pride, and be sure to give props to those who serve so willingly, particularly during a time when the willing are so few!