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A Long-Winded Reply To Pascal’s Wager

People use Pascal’s Wager on me surprisingly often, which I don’t understand as it’s been done to death and is easily defeated by simply asking the question, “Which of the tens of thousands of gods being worshiped today is the one to be faithful to?”

The petty one that created us solely to have us worship it because it has such a fragile ego it’ll send us to an eternity of misery if we don’t endlessly praise it despite a rational disbelief in the absurd, supernaturally-based proposal for its existence? Or the one who gave us free will but then killed everyone and everything because he didn’t like the way they used their free will despite knowing in advance the way in which they’d end up behaving? Or the one with blue skin and four arms whose followers have the highest retention rate, by a fair margin, of all the religions of the world? Or perhaps the one worshiped by nearly 2 billion people, the most loved god of all time?

Pascal's Terrible Wager

Blaise Pascal: brilliant mathematician, terrible gambler.

If there is an all-powerful, all-knowing, all-loving god — as the culture I was brought up in and indoctrinated with from the age of 5 would have me believe — then I would expect Continue reading

How I Went From “Nice, Tolerant Atheist” to “Anti-Theist”

In case you haven’t had your fill of a really long rant this week…

I wasn’t an “anti-theist” when I first became atheist. In fact, I even recorded a video meant for my YouTube channel on why we shouldn’t make fun of religion and why we should be understanding and tolerant of others’ beliefs. But then I saw a Gallup poll that showed 42% of Americans are young-Earth creationists who reject most scientific knowledge.

I was in total shock. I thought for sure the poll was flawed. I was incredulous that so many people were Bible literalists. I had no idea! I had my first online conversation with an admitted creationist around 1997 (when I was a hardcore Mormon and was using the internet as a way to do “missionary work”) and it just blew my mind that he rejected evolution. No matter how much evidence I gave him, no matter how many instances of actual observed evolution taking place I showed him, he would just come back with Continue reading