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Five Guys in St. George, UT Makes Me Happy

There’s a saying I saw floating around this series of pipes known as the internet. It pertained to the proper way to run a business and went something like this:

Act like taking care of your customers earns you $100 an hour and everything else earns $10 an hour.

Now, I haven’t eaten at but a few different Five Guys locations, all of them here in my home state of Utah. But in all my visits I received a very distinct feeling that they really cared about the customer experience. That is, until I moved to St. George.

To be fair, things are done differently down here. I noticed that Continue reading

I Guess I Can’t Complain When I Only Pay $5 for Content … Or Can I?

As someone who spent a few years as a professional copywriter then later as an web marketing consultant, it always makes me cringe just a bit when someone — in all sincerity — offers me a copywriting job for what amounts to a pea pod with no peas.

Hey, come on! We all know that the best part of a pea pod is not the pod, but the peas!

So I guess I should feel a little guilty doing the same. But the thing is, I don’t! Why? Well, first off, I’m a businessman. I’m not going to pay the rate I ask for if I can get away with it. Shoot, if I paid everybody my rate, there’s no way I could stay in business!

Also, the following are samples taken from actual articles that I paid $5 each for. Yeah, after seeing these, I think you’ll agree with me that I’m the one that got ripped off here. Enjoy the show! Continue reading

Saving Your Business in Tough Times

When the economy hurts, consumers hurt. When consumers hurt, businesses start to feel the squeeze pretty quickly, some industries more so than others. If your business is feeling the squeeze, it’s time to take action. Even during the Great Depression, some businesses continued to thrive. The innovators and those willing to adapt are the ones that will make it through these tough times.

Here are a few tips for the business owner that feels like the doors are starting to close on the financial hurt locker. Continue reading