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Imprisoning Harmless Kids In Exchange For Federal Bribes

Did you know that local law enforcement agencies all over America are accepting what amounts to bribes from the federal government to arrest kids who are of no harm to society? That’s bad enough. But the way some agencies are going about is truly disgusting.

People who pretend to befriend another, all the while with the intent to eventually stab that person in the back, hits very close to home for me. This is evil. Those who commit or support these acts have no place in a civilized society. None.

(Original story by Vice)

If you don’t have 20 minutes to spare, here is the 2 minute highlight reel: Continue reading

Loving Husbands Hit Their Wives

Yesterday, the dishes were piling up in the kitchen. I asked my wife to clean up the mess. I asked nicely and everything.

Well, my wife responded by saying that she was tired because of a long day. I told her that she needs to learn the value of hard work and to get the dishes done now. She replied, “Not now. Why don’t you do it if it’s that important to you to have a clean kitchen?”

So I did the only thing a loving husband could. I took off my belt and started whipping her with it. I told her how it was for her own good, how she needs to respect my authority as head of the household, and she’d better do as she’s been told and get those dirty dishes cleaned up.

But I only hit my wife because I love her. Continue reading

Are You Ready to Revolt? The Answer Is, “No.”

I was listening to a podcast involving producer and author G. Edward Griffin recently in which Mr. Griffin was discussing fractional reserve banking. Mr. Griffin said of such a system that, “If the average person knew that this scam was actually going on, well there’d be some kind of revolution probably by morning.”

Well I hate to disagree with someone who is, in all likelihood, much smarter than me, but I’m going to any way.

For starters, I think there are Continue reading

Security and Police Uniforms Should Come With Warning Labels

Warning: putting on this uniform may cause you to lose all sensibilities and experience a false justification to exercise power and authority over others

Remember the Stanford Prison Experiment that psychology professor Philip Zimbardo ended up having to shut down early because the “prison guards” in the experiment became excessively brutal towards the “inmates”?

If you haven’t read up on it, you really should. It’s a fascinating study on how, even under controlled conditions, perfectly normal people will turn against those who were previously viewed as equals simply because someone told them, “You are better than those people.” History has seen similar examples repeated many times over.

And here’s the latest example. Only this time Continue reading

Give a Crazy Person a Bunch of Lottery Numbers, and This is What Happens

So an interesting thing happened to me today. I was checking my external hard drive (a 2 TB monster I bought a couple years ago) to see if I had ever backed up the DVD for The Incredible Hulk to it. Why was I doing this? I wanted to get the quote from Edward Norton — as Bruce Banner — saying in Portuguese, “Don’t make me hungry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m hungry.”

Sadly, I had never backed up that movie. But while I was digging around in my hard drive, I discovered Continue reading

Bob Dylan – Friday, 1976

It was 1976. My father, after 12 years in the US Navy and two tours to Vietnam, had decided not to re-up so he could get to the business of caring for his family. My mother and I traveled from the Philippines to San Diego to meet my father as he disembarked from a destroyer for the final time. As my father came down the ramp, I spotted him. Reaching my arms out, I screamed for him, “Daddy! Daddy!” as my mother held me. Finally, she released me. I ran into my father’s arms as he scooped me up. He looked in my eyes and handed me a vinyl 45 sheathed in white paper. With the gift, he included the following letter: Continue reading

Unplug Your Cell Phone Charger When Not In Use!

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking this is some sort of message to be environmentally friendly by unplugging your cell phone charger when it’s not in use so it doesn’t sit there drawing power all day.

Well, sure, there is that. But my message to you today is a matter of life and death. My concern is not that you are draining life from our planet Earth, but that you may very well be putting your life — and the lives of others — at risk, not to mention the much bigger issue of possibly contributing to the complete destruction of Continue reading

I Guess I Can’t Complain When I Only Pay $5 for Content … Or Can I?

As someone who spent a few years as a professional copywriter then later as an web marketing consultant, it always makes me cringe just a bit when someone — in all sincerity — offers me a copywriting job for what amounts to a pea pod with no peas.

Hey, come on! We all know that the best part of a pea pod is not the pod, but the peas!

So I guess I should feel a little guilty doing the same. But the thing is, I don’t! Why? Well, first off, I’m a businessman. I’m not going to pay the rate I ask for if I can get away with it. Shoot, if I paid everybody my rate, there’s no way I could stay in business!

Also, the following are samples taken from actual articles that I paid $5 each for. Yeah, after seeing these, I think you’ll agree with me that I’m the one that got ripped off here. Enjoy the show! Continue reading

Three Wars At Once? No Problem! Right?

If you take a look at the United States’ military budget, you’ll see that we spend as much annually as the next TEN highest spending countries… COMBINED!

Sooo… that means we can go to war with the next 10 most militarily powerful countries before even breaking a sweat, right? Well, not quite. Continue reading